About Coletta Hargis

Many years ago, shortly after Obstetrician and Gynecologist Coletta Hargis had finished her training, she came across a book about anti-aging through a spiritual point of view. The book spoke about energy centers in the body that vibrate at different frequencies, which in turn connects us to a universal force around us. Bodies, although they seem to be mere flesh and blood, are actually bioelectric, and an aura surrounds every person’s body. The ideas in this book had a profound effect on a young Coletta Hargis, who had known since college that everything in life was based around vibrations.

headshot Coletta HargisResearchers realized that the aura around every person’s body can be manipulated to help heal people. This work of medicine, known as “Energy Medicine”, utilizes machines that have been developed to manipulate the field surrounding the body through various frequencies that can help heal the body, both mentally and physically. Typically, these machines are used to treat various diseases and issues, helping to heal those that use them. When people have pain, for instance such machines can work to give them temporary pain relief. These machines have been around in Europe for around 20 years, although they have only recently been introduced to America. Now, however, these machines have made their appearance in America, where they’ve been utilized by numerous medical professionals around the country, including Coletta Hargis, who recognize their potential in the world of medicine.

Apart from her work in OB/GYN, Coletta Hargis has a boutique practice where she uses Energy Medicine to help heal her patients. Some of the machines that she uses for this practice include Ondamed, Leynosys and Zyto. Ondamed is a device that uses pulse frequency to heal the body. It has an external applicator, connected to a computer, which in turn has 4 different modules that work together to find, scan, read and target frequencies. Leynosys is a vital regulation technology, which uses a computer program to get the cells of the body to communicate with each other in a proper harmony, as well as determining which nutrients are needed by the body. And Zyto, made from a company out of Utah, has a little hand cradle used to do “biosurveys” that allow the body to tell you where your biomarkers are off. These various machines can be used for a myriad of applications, including pain, headaches and indigestion.